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  • What are the benefits of pilates?
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  • What shall I wear
    BEFORE YOU JOIN All participants will be required to complete a registration form including a health questionnaire prior to starting classes. This will be discussed with your instructor along with your aims for starting Pilates. All those new to Pilates it is recommended to attend a pre class assessment session to ensure a good foundation of activation awareness. For those who have had previous physiotherapy treatment or have attended Pilates classes before, a pre-assessment is not necessary. WHAT TO WEAR? You need to wear comfortable clothing that allows you full unrestricted movement. Shoes are not required, pilates socks are recommended but not absolute they just provide better grip, feel free to wear normal socks. WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU NEED? All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own Pilates mat to give you an extra bit of comfort. CANCELLATIONS Missed classes cannot be refunded but where possible an alternative class can be offered/ taken when informed of non attendance in advance.
  • What is the difference between physio -led pilates?
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  • How do I book a group class?
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  • How do I book a private class?
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  • Can I join a class?
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